Sunday, April 26, 2015

DIY Mini Doll Table and Chairs

Meant to post this back in December but just never got around to it.  For Christmas I bought my niece a ton of Lalaloopsy Tinies to add to her collection of mini Lalaloopsies.  Since I couldn't find a small doll table in the stores I set out to create one myself.  I got this idea from a YouTube person who reviews toys.  She made a cute table set and so the creation started. Here is what the final version looked like:

Here is what I did to make this table set.  I bought some mini spools in two sizes and some wooden shapes.

I took some craft pain I had and painted the pieces in some bright Lalaloopsy like colors.

I wanted to add a little more whimsy to it so I added some details to the pieces.

I glued all the pieces together with E6000.  My niece really loved her new table to have her dolls sit for a tea party.