Wednesday, December 3, 2014

New Mini Lalaloopsy Dolls - Series 14

I found these little cuties at Toys R Us earlier this week.  These are from Series 14 which is the latest series in the mini Lalaloopsy dolls.  They come in a smaller box than previous series and they were only $4.99!  The box contains the doll, her pet and one accessory.  I thought that was a great price for the new packaging.  If they start packaging them like this and only selling for only $4.99 each I will certainly be buying many more. 

This set has Queenie Red Heart, Candle Piece o' Cake, Frost I.C. Cone and Sweetie Candy Ribbon.  I only got 3 of the 4 from the set.  These were the ones I like the most.  I love the little flamingo that Queenie comes with and Frost I.C.'s hair and dress look a little like a snow cone.  So cute!!!  I didn't care much for Sweetie Candy Ribbon.  She was kinda florescent looking.  These are the first dolls I am adding to my collection.


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