Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mini Pincushion and Pin Toppers

I have been wanting to make some mini pin toppers except I did not want to spend money to buy shrinky dinks. So off I went to search online and found out that #6 plastic is the same as the shrinky dink plastic! A great explanation on this can be found at
Once I made some of my cute pins of course I needed a cute pincushion. I made this adorable little pincushion from a soda bottlecap, some craft felt and embroidery floss.

Will be adding some of these in my Etsy shop for Valentine's. Stay tuned.

Happy crafting new year!


andrea said...

These are so cute and very interesting about the #6 plastic, another great way to do some crafty recycling!!

Be Jeweled By Candi said...

Those are absolutely adorable! Great job!

kimforbeads said...

So cute, my daughter got Shrinky dinks from Santa, she will need to make some cute things too.

Best wishes to you.

60-60 said...

these are so cute!

gerrijo said...

Awe, how sweet!

me said...

hee hee, so itty bitty and cute!!