Friday, June 13, 2008

A Gift for Mom

I made some anklets for my sister for mother's day. My loved the one I had made with the brown cat's eye beads and asked if she could have one. I made this bracelet for her and will be giving it to her for her birthday gift. My sister's bracelet was brown and black. I decided to make this a bit more delicate and used some light tan shell beads. I love the way it came it. I hope she likes it too. To make it even more special, I made a brown felt pouch to put it in.

She also asked me to make a bracelet for a little girl, I think she is ten. So I made this sweet little pink bracelet (my favorite color) and also a pink felt pouch (this pouch is very small, only about 2x2). I know if I were a little girl I would have loved this bracelet.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

First Crochet Scarf

So it's the middle of a heat wave here in NJ, but yet I got a sudden urge to pick up some yarn and crochet needle to give crocheting another try. I had tried before, but gave up because I could not figure out what I was doing wrong when I moved on to the next row. It would be narrow on the bottom and than would gradually increase as I moved up. It was so frustrating. Being left handed also was a challenge, but I bought a "Learn to Crochet" book that had left handed instructions. Finally, I was able to do more than just the chain stitch!

I recently ran accross a You Tube video on how to crochet. I was able to see how they were turning and had much greater success this time around and completed my very fist crochet item - a scarf (which I will have to wait several months to show off). I still think I am missing something in my turns (seems like there are these large gaps/spaces on the edges), but it is so much better than my first try last year. So now I have an itch to make scarfs for all my friends. I want to try out some other stitches and eventually also learn to follow a pattern. Just need to figure out the turns.